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New Students

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We understand college can be scary, especially for new students. We're here to help. At both BridgeValley campuses, you'll find helpful, friendly staff to provide guidance and advice as you choose classes and start down a new career path.   We are here to help with the entire process and corresponding paperwork from applying, financial aid, and acceptance.  Once you become a BridgeValley student, you won't become just another number.  Our staff is here through the registration process and to lend assistance at any time to any student. 

We offer an online New Student Orientation and require all new students seeking a degree or certificate from BridgeValley to complete the online orientation. The Online New Student Orientation is a convenient way for you to get all the information you need to start your education. You will learn about financial aid, student services, registration and much more. The online orientation is great for students just out of high school, adult students with some college credits, to someone just learning a new skill to advance their career.     

If you have any questions or need anything please contact:

Hannah Watters 
Admissions Counselor 
619 2nd Avenue 
Montgomery, WV 25136 
Phone: 304.734.6647 
Fax: 304.734.6698

Thomas Conner
Director of Admissions
2001 Union Carbide Dr 
South Charleston, WV 25303 
Phone: 304.205.6738
Fax: 304.205.6771